Sample Poems

"Senecio" was published by Dali's Lovechild in 2016. Dali's Lovechild is currently in hiatus but hopefully their publishers will bring it back, because it fills a need for literary surrealism. "Senecio" is an ekphrastic poem, inspired by the Paul Klee painting of the same name, found here: Senecio, by Paul Klee. And "Claire de Lune" was playing on a replay loop in my head while writing it. Enjoy!


No one told me who you were. But bee's tongues
spilled tales in Badajoz. Clues were left on scraps 
torn from the corners of Madrid newspapers. And
they all knew your light globe face, your melting
amarilla voice, crossed rightward-shifting eyes.
Mouth like a puzzle, before there were puzzles.
Your stalk neck seemed odd to some. Others
hinted that it was the only way. The right way.

I ate ragweed, blew on puffballs, chased parachutes
zig-zag at dusk beside the riverbank until I couldn’t run.
Anymore. I sobbed your name then—old man—
but I know. Know you are a green green girl.
Girl like a candle, flit and gone.

I asked the garden tiger once. He named you
friend of painted ladies and for that, I crushed him.
Still, I scribble tunes in cinnabar and chlorophyll.
I strum them soft along the Leveche from Murcia
to Asturias. And I will know your blossom. Someday.


"Habitual" has been used as part of an Anglican "Tenebrae" (Good Friday) Service:


i slaughtered you today i fashioned lion claws from zinc and sheep bone shards tore your kissed skin away red strip by strip i gouged your flesh down to the fascia arteries and spine and made a hat of she wolf fangs to gnaw your holy skull i chased you like a rabid leopard dragged you stretched you up and gored you until fragrant blood and water spurted like a wine flood yes i did all this today and i confess that i will slaughter you again. tomorrow.