These are links to Rick's work that has been / will be published.

Idyll on the Riverbank” and “St. Gertrude of the Boulevard” (poetry) appear in Mulberry Fork Review, Issue 3, Volume 2.

“Untitled” (it’s a Haiku!)
Haiku Journal, Issue 38.

“Cairn” (poetry) appears in the October 2015, week 2 issue of Cowboy Poetry Press

“Bill” (poetry) appears in the October 2015, week 4 issue of Cowboy Poetry Press

“Fiat” (poetry) appears in the February 2016 “Lent” issue of Pilgrim Journal.

“Near Acquaintance” (flash fiction) appears in the Winter 2015 Issue of After the Pause.

"Bunker" (flash fiction) appears in  the December 5th, 2015 edition of Flash Fiction Magazine.

"Ascending Descent" (flash fiction) and "Between foxtrot and tango" (poetry) appear in Bop Dead City Issue 14.

"The Fifth Letter" (flash fiction) appeared in Beorh Weekly.

"Chìtù mǎ" (poetry) appears in 2015's "Pop Culture Issue" at Yellow Chair Review

"Gunsels Need Not Apply" (prose poetry) appears in The Five Two, a crime poetry weekly and is read by Sn on YouTube here: Gunsels Need not Apply

"Quiet Stable" (poetry) appears in Quatrain Fish (January 2016)

"Dali at Home" and "Moon Like a Sun Like a Montage" are poems paired with original artwork by Karen Klinedinst, appearing in The Light Ekphrastic.

"duct tape fixes everything" (prose poetry)

Appears in the Zodiac Review.

"Shadowguests" (poetry)

Appears in the May 10th edition of Amaryllis (UK)

"Mea Culpa" (poetry) appear in the Candelmas Issue of Dappled Things.

"Helsinki notes" (poetry)

Appears in Rust+ Moth.

"Senecio" (poetry)

Appeared in Dali's Lovechild  Issue 18.

"Ruth and Boaz at the Threshing Floor" and "When I knew / you were gone" (poetry)

appear in the September, 2016 issue of Allegro Poetry Magazine. (UK)

"New Breeds" (microfiction).

Appears in the July, 2016 edition of Urban Fantasist. (UK)

"Old Growth" and "Signs of a May Morning" (poetry) appear in Spirit Fire Review.

"Someday We'll Incarnate You in Porcelain" and "Family Album" (poetry) appear in Indiana Voice Journal.

"On Finding Thinness" and "Battleground words" (poetry) appear in Issue 1 of Shorter University's Bridges Magazine.

"truelovetruelovetruelovetruelovetruelove" (poetry) appears in Strange Poetry (UK).

"Chest of Recollection" (prose poetry) appeared in Deep Water Literary Journal (Ireland).

"A town of mirrors and quaking 44's" (poetry) was the Artist's Choice winner for the Ekphrastic Challenge, January 2017 in Rattle. 

"Economies of Martyrdom" (prose poetry) appears in Eunoia (Singapore).


"Running a little late"(poetry) appears in the Spring 2017 print edition of Whitworth University's Rock and Sling.

"A very small problem" (flash fiction) appears in Beakful (Becquée) (France).

"Crossing the County Line" (poetry) appears in Into the Void(Ireland).

"Ascension Day" (poetry)  appears in The Christian Century.

"Andromache at Pergamon" (poetry) appears in Bluepepper (Australia).

"The Spirit of Truckee Lake" (poetry) will appear in the August 2017 edition of Sonic Boom Journal (India).

"Fairy Tale Ending" (flash fiction) will be voice recorded by a Canadian actor and appear on the podcast of The Centropic Oracle(Canada).

"99 to the Columbia," and "The solitary life holds splendid treats," (poetry--sonnets) appear in the August 2017 edition of Rotary Dial(Canada).

"Narcissus of Hollywood" (poetry) and "Feasting on pasties at the Empire Mine" (poetry--sonnet) will appear in an upcoming issue of Prole (UK).

"Our Lady of Iliniza Norte," "Reflection on Salvador Dali’s The Apotheosis of Homer," "Klee and Kipling tête-à-tête" and "Aseptic" (poetry) appear in issue #51 of egoPHobia(Romania).

"Still life with jigsaw hearts," "Great, great, great, great uncle," and "Ancestral photo album" (poetry) appear in the December 2017 edition of Open: Journal of Arts and Letters (UK).

"Paleo Makeover" (flash fiction) was selected for Magic Mondays publication by Vestal Review.

"Ready or Not" (flash fiction) will appear shortly as a monthly "Speculative Fiction" selection with Eastern Iowa Review.

"Old Growth" (Pushcart Prize nominee, poetry) appears as a reprint in the Winter Edition, "The Life of Trees" by Author's Journal of Inventive Literature.

"The Virgin of Pico Rivera with Child" (poetry) will appear in the February 19th, 2018 edition of Amethyst Review (UK).

"Choreography for the Drunk in the Gutter Ballade" (poetry) will appear March 8th, 2018 in The Pangolin Review (Mauritius).

"Houyhnhnm" (flash fiction) will appear in the April 1st edition of Riggwelter(UK).

"Hello Unwraps" and "Element 79" (poetry) will appear in the May/June issue of Ink in Thirds.

"Excerpted", "Moon Face Explains Himself Again" and "Ecce Eyespots" (poetry) will appear in Survision Magazine, Issue #3, June 2018. (Ireland).

"Pietification" and "Into the West with Psilocybin and Jefferson's Avatar" (poetry) will appear in an upcoming edition of Dawntreader ( UK).

"Refusing Oblivion" (poetry) will apear in June, 2018 in Lonesome October Lit (UK).